Special Education Software Delivers Effective Results

Special education requires a little extra effort to ensure that students with certain limitations meet their full potential. In order to truly unlock a student’s true learning potential without ever making him/her feel limited in any way, there is a wide range of special education software which is available for use in schools around the world. However, it is important to note that there should be a careful consideration when selecting special software programs for students with special needs as it is commonly known that software is expensive, grants are limited and teachers only have a limited amount of time to study and incorporate these packages into their everyday teaching exercises.Therefore, when selecting special education software, there are certain questions that should be kept in mind before making a final decision:Will the education software do justice in meeting the individual needs of the student?Will the special education software be good enough to support the curriculum or education plan of student that has a learning disability?Will the special software help in facilitating the physical access needs of the student?The teacher concerned should go a little out of his/her comfort zone in collecting useful information about what kinds of software are available, what kind of software can be recommended in a similar situation and what are the training and technical implications, if any, that one may require to implement the program successfully in a classroom. One of the few things that will help a teacher make an informed decision when choosing a particular education software would be to actually see the program in operation in another school. This will help the teacher determine its effectiveness. In addition, teachers should also plan to review the use of the software regularly and to use it in the most effective way when teaching students.Special education software for use with students with special needs is divided into two main categories:Content-free softwareContent-rich softwareContent-free software enables a user to incorporate their own content which may include text, graphics, and sound. This particular category includes word processors, word prediction programs, presentation software, and multimedia authoring programs in addition to planning and organization software.On the other hand, content-rich software includes the following:Reinforcement Software which is also commonly referred to as Drill and PracticeThe use of Interactive Talking BooksExploratory or Simulation SoftwareReference and Information SoftwareStudy Skill SoftwareAssessment Software to evaluate a student’s progress

Faith and Politics

Often, I have heard individuals say that the most controversial topics in life involve religion and politics. What they don’t probably think about is the fact that most people have faith in something, but it might not fit into a traditional definition – God, a group, freedom, their career or even a pet.And politics is not just the formal system that we recognize through voting and governance. In fact, politics is part of absolutely everything that we do!The two, faith and politics in fact, are very much tied together. We tend to think that the political party that we support should reflect and support the faith ideas that we value. That doesn’t always happen though, especially when there is a one strong party that has enough seats that they can rule over everyone without considering the perspectives of the other parties.True democracy allows everyone to have input and considers the needs of all citizens.Our most recent elections was a surprise to many. Some people were disappointed while others were very angry with the results.We have had twelve minorities over the years in Canada at the federal level. The good news is that, in Canada, a lot of very important things occurred as a result of minority governments. The Canadian flag, health care system and Canada Pension Plan are only three in a long list of items that were passed during these times.You see, the way our system works, is that if a minority party experiences non-confidence because they make a proposal that cannot pass in the House of Commons, an election and new government has to be formed. In order to avoid this type of situation, parties need to work together and create bills that will receive enough votes to pass.So, right now in Canada, we see a country that is very divided. There are pockets of support where the constituents feel threatened that they will not be heard and that their needs will not be met.If our new government is wise, however, will recognize that all parts of Canada not only need to be considered but also that action has to be undertaken to ensure that what happens over the next few months will benefit all parts of Canada.If this doesn’t occur, and those in power do not listen or consider their options wisely, it won’t take long until non-confidence will occur, and we will be looking at yet another election!I think we can all learn from what is before us. If we are not willing to consider the needs and wants of our neighbours and work in a collaborative manner, we will soon lose respect and confidence from others.There is nothing we can do about the election results but there is plenty that we can do regarding the way that we conduct ourselves in our personal dealings!Are you a person who is willing to work with others for the benefit of everyone?Federal, provincial or personal – it’s all about faith and politics!

Preventive Healthcare: Why It Is Becoming Increasingly Necessary For Corporates?

The annual business game plan lays out a straight forward framework that focusses on priorities, tracks progress and manages every facet of the business. Such proactive culture is the key to success. Our health too demands a similar game plan. Various researches have showed that it is possible to prevent the onset of diseases with preventive healthcare measures. Rather than treating a disease, prior diagnosis through preventive tests can save employees in an organization from a lot of distress.Studies have evaluated that investment made in health and wellness programmes by employers ultimately result in behavioural change and attitude of the employees towards the organization. Thus, preventive healthcare in corporates pays rich dividends in the long run.Now, the question is HOW?Happy employees make happy customers! June 21st, corporate India turned their lawns and cafeterias into a makeshift YOGA workshop in celebration of International Yoga Day! With a host of healthy activities that includes free sessions with popular YOGA instructors and arranging healthy diet for employees, the day was wrapped well. With maximum participation, credit goes to the talent engagement teams for adding life to the health and wellness dimensions of the employees’ lives. People are health conscious and such initiative repays. But with the rise in employee demands, it’s a tough for the employers to measure up as well.Employees feel they are supported and taken care of!Instead of comforting the cribbing and complaining workforce with unnecessary investments, it’s high time to choose an option that makes a real difference. Group medical insurance, accidental policies, parental insurance, such competitive benefit packages do attract talent but there are other employer-sponsored benefits that are non-cash compensation but and extremely beneficial. The American company, Aflac’s annual employee findings survey have showed that 60% of the employees would take up a job with lower pay as long as they received better benefits.The waves of innovation and technology have kissed the healthcare industry with spurring benefits and introduced the era of e-medicine. Online Healthcare services are ubiquitous and offer various benefits for corporates, which aim to crack the business model with effective strategies. With the launch of digital healthcare space in organization, employers can play a proactive role in taking healthcare aspects to the next level. The e-medical service will help employees to get their check up done on time and avoid severe health complications later. The preventive healthcare measures extended with online medical facilities in-house, will never go unnoticed. After all prevention is better than cure.Seeking medical advice before falling sick!A very inexcusable scenario of the modern era is premature death due to preventable and curable diseases. Routine check-up is, hence, a mandate for all. Regular online medical consultation is a practice of gauging health status even when we feel fit and fine. Employers will go an extra mile if they instil such practices within the workforce by launching a healthcare benefits that enables employees to feel relaxed all the time. A regular headache after a certain period of time at work every day might make an employee tense about his/her health. With the available, accessible and affordable online health consultation, employees can speak or chat with a general physician from the workstation itself and reduce anxiety. It is time to idolize, “We care for you”, the universal motto printed on every employee handbook.How preventive healthcare addresses the present occupational health situation from deteriorating “Lifestyle disease” is a very powerful term associated with deteriorated health conditions of employees in private sectors. We cannot escape the norms of competitive market but we can certainly help ease the stress factors with some impactful actions. The preventive healthcare segment with technological advancement has made the journey a lot easier for corporates that have built alliances with online medicine industries. With online medical care through app or desktop, organization encourages its employees to create personal health records with reputed doctors. It helps them to gain access to quality healthcare services at anytime and from anywhere.Preventive Healthcare allows employees to have their mind at workAttending an important meeting while leaving a sick child at home is the messiest phase in the life of a parent. Apart from applying for a half day leave, online health care service enables us to contact an online doctor and talk about the symptoms of the child in details. The medical advice from a reputed doctor will certainly be beneficial. We may also fetch prescriptions online and hold a video consultation once back home. Being a parent, it is extremely important to keep a close check on children’s healthcare. Our office work should not delay the necessary and preventive healthcare measures dedicated towards our children. With online healthcare benefits, harassment and delays of doctor’s appointment are eliminated, thus, allowing patients to get treated at the earliest.Helps to be a Considerate EmployerEmployers owe a duty of care towards a traveling employee. The change effects in various ways on the employee should be thoughtfully compensated by the employer. Along with the monetary benefits, it’s the care factors that play a vital role. Employees’ health is of paramount importance and employer should empower the individual with online doctor service installed in Mobile Apps. This will help the employees to have access to doctors from anywhere and at anytime. Digital healthcare is an effective and prompt medical consultation system that would provide assistance anywhere and anytime. Organization will be praised further if it extends its assistance to the employees’ families by providing them access to online doctor facilities at any point of time. The care-o-metre will certainly keep the employee happy and relaxed.Work place morale plays a great role! If the employees are healthy, they are happier, and a happy employee is the most productive one. When employees understand that their company takes care of their wellbeing and health, it generates loyalty and trust. Hence, the benefit is mutual. While the company invests in Health apps and virtual GP services for employees, they receive substantial improvement in work performance through those affiliated employees.On-demand access to healthcare 12 hours a day will make employees feel relaxed at work and, thus, improve the attentiveness.Aids in Reputation managementAn organization, whether product based or service based, is more concerned about its global reputation, not just as a provider but also as an employer. Companies are often evaluated on their workplace and people management culture. Wellness programs are, therefore, a definite practice that uplifts the banner intact. Health camps set-up on a quarterly basis receive havoc responses from employees as they feel it’s easier to consult a doctor amidst work instead of a pre-fixed appointment. Keeping these scenarios in mind, online healthcare industries have extended their reach among corporates to build alliances and act as a preventive healthcare regime within the organization.Reduces AbsenteeismThe Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) report on Preventive Healthcare and its impact on Corporate Sector states that “One rupee spent on prevention saves Rs. 133 in absenteeism costs and Rs. 6.62 in healthcare costs”. Increase in productivity through maximum attendance is one of the major boon of Online Doctor services.Preventive Healthcare as Customized Package OfferingsExclusive female doctor consultation is another top feature provided by the Digital healthcare service. Expectant females can at anytime cross consult their health issues with certified physicians available online through chat or call. Today, corporate tie ups with online healthcare industries that call for health check-ups of employees and such practices foster a stronger employee-employer bond that will bear fruit.
Strict confidentiality about employee health records or consultation is highly assured.
Preventive Healthcare is an opportunity for corporates to contribute to the well-being of its employees and also their families. It is also an awareness and education program that is much needed in today’s fast-paced life, thus, restoring the much needed healthy balance for a happy and productive work-life.