Test Video Games at Home and Get Paid! 3 Steps to Success As a Video Game Tester

Does getting paid to test video games at home sound too good to be true? Well it’s not. The companies that develop the games pay experienced game players to test their games. If becoming a video game tester sounds like a dream come true then read on.First off you can’t just approach the big name companies and expect to be hired. Your best bet is to get your feet wet with the smaller, less well known companies. You most likely can start out at about $15 per hour and move up in salary as you gain more experience.Steps to success:1. Passion for gaming. Having a genuine passion for gaming will help you be more successful. Playing for hours at a time whether or not you particularly like a certain game can get old otherwise. Whether or not your job gets stale and boring after awhile depends on how much you like to play.2. Attention to detail.Game developers will want you to answer a lot of questions about their games. Keeping notes as you play is essential. They need to know how to tweak their games and if there are any errors or glitches. You will be saving the game developers a ton of money by finding the bugs in the games before they are released.3. Dependability.You will be expected to turn in your notes on time and answer all the questions correctly. As you prove that you are a reliable tester you will be given more assignments and more money. Just like any other job, the better you do and prove yourself the more the company will trust you to do.Companies will want to know what type of games you’ve played and how experienced a game player you are over all. Don’t be afraid to let your passion for gaming show through!Just think – now you have an excuse to sit home all day playing video games and your significant other or parent can’t complain. You can be the envy of all your friends as you test video games at home.

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